Shearwater Airfloor

High volume foldaway tender

The new Shearwater Airfloor is designed for a larger payload and is easily packed down, yet doesn’t sacrifice performance thanks to its inflatable false floor with pre-shaped keel.

The popular Shearwater range has larger diameter tubes and are built tough in New Zealand for extreme South Pacific conditions. The new Airfloor model features a drop stitch inflatable floor that is rigid and durable, but lightweight and wont damage your yacht or launch.

Two heat-welded air chambers, rigid cones, and rub strake from bow to stern make for a dry, comfortable and safe ride. Southern Pacific quality is Kiwi Made.


  • 2 piece wooden
  • Feathering oars
  • Removable floating seat
  • Double action hand pump
  • Robust Halkey Roberts
  • Valves transom protection
  • Plate internal auto bailing
  • Drain service kit
  • Storage bag

Shearwater Airfloor Information Sheet


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