Puffin Airfloor Keel

Rollup Tender with Robust Floor and โ€œVโ€ Keel

The Puffin Airfloor with Keel is lightweight like its predecessor, but features the larger diameter tubes of a Shearwater. The newly developed design features a greater payload and doesnโ€™t sacrifice performance thanks to its pre-shaped inflatable keel. The thermally welded tubes are fixed to a high-pressure drop-stich inflatable floor that is solid and stable to stand on, but wonโ€™t damage your yacht or launch. The Puffin Airfloor Keel Tracks nicely through the water and is easily packed away for storage.


  • Puffin 250 with keel: $2 695.00 incl gst.
  • Puffin 280 with keel: $2 795.00 incl. gst.

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  • Removable floating seat
  • Collapsible oar
  • Carry bag
  • Hand pump
  • Repair kit
  • Protective skids
  • Solid carry handles
  • Transom protection plate

Puffin Airfloor Keel Information Sheet