Southern Pacific Inflatables


Southern Pacific Inflatables

In 2013 international yachtsmen Richard Macalister and Dean Barker saw an opportunity in a brand that had entrenched itself in New Zealand boating. During their experiences racing and working in the marine industry overseas they saw inflatable boats being used everywhere from rescue craft to super yacht tenders. With an influx of poorly built boats, mostly out of Asia, they had a vision to bring back quality, locally crafted boats to New Zealand, and the rest of the world.

Through over 3 decades of evolution, Southern Pacific now manufactures out of a world class facility in Kumeu, West Auckland. PVC tubes are machine cut from digital patterns out of the highest quality fabric, and the seams thermally welded together to ensure maximum strength and longevity. Specialising in aluminium hulls, only the highest quality welding is accepted into the factory, with CNC cut sheets ensuring perfect symmetry in the larger RIBs. Drawing on the skills of renowned local naval architects, Southern Pacific designs are constantly improving with customer feedback.

Southern Pacific is now the country’s leading inflatable boat producer, building anything from small tenders for chandleries through to 14 metre Hypalon tubes for international coastguard and military contracts.

And they are still all proudly made here, in New Zealand.

Made by Kiwis for southern pacific conditions based on our first-hand experience. Trust the brand that we build for you and your family with pride.

Dean Barker & Richard Macalister

Dean Barker & Richard Macalister

The Southern Pacific team

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Factory Manager
Senior Boat Builder

The Southern Pacific team.

Isabel Macalister
Isabel Macalister

Isabel has been actively involved with Kiwi Yachting since it began in 1988, being part of its evolution from solely an importer and wholesaler of marine goods to now covering the range from manufacture, importing, exporting, wholesale and retail, always ensuring the focus was on quality marine products.

Having owned a Southern Pacific Inflatable prior to buying the company in 2013 she was impressed with the quality of the brand and was keen to ensure manufacturing was retained in NZ.

With most family holidays being focused around the water, a Southern Pacific Inflatable is a key part of her holidays, whether it is snorkeling, fishing, diving or simply getting ashore for some land based fun.  Being an active user of the boats she uses her experience to inform any design changes, and is excited to be part of the continuing development of the Southern Pacific Inflatables brand.

Richard Macalister

Richard Macalister founded Kiwi Yachting in 1988 on the back of his professional sailing career. His long history in match racing includes sailing the 1981 round-the-world race on Sir Peter Blake’s Ceramco, the Sydney Hobart yacht race, and the Admiral’s Cup.  Richard is actively involved in all aspects of Southern Pacific, leading the evolution of Southern Pacific inflatable boats so that they remain at the forefront of the New Zealand marine scene.

Dean Barker

Dean is a distinguished professional sailor, renowned for his exceptional leadership as a skipper in numerous America’s Cup campaigns. With a lifelong dedication to sailing, Dean has become a prominent figure in the maritime world, celebrated for his skill in high-stakes yacht racing. Beyond his career on the water, Dean plays a pivotal role as a Director at Southern Pacific, bringing a wealth of experience. His strategic vision and deep understanding of the industry contribute to the company’s success in crafting cutting-edge inflatable boats. Dean’s commitment to innovation and excellence reflects not only in his sailing achievements but also in his role at Southern Pacific.

Simon Cantelo
Southern Pacific Factory Manager

Simon is a knowledgable RIB expert. His initial career as a Chef in the NZ Army spanned 8 years, however wanting a new challenge, he transitioned into the world of inflatable boats and trailers. For the past 28 years he’s been in the industry, where his expertise in inflatable boats is unparalleled. Beyond his impressive knowledge of the marine industry, Simon is very passionate about motorbikes. In his spare time, he can be found cruising Auckland’s roads when the weather allows, and if not on two wheels he’s avidly following the Moto GP circuit.

Todd Moore
Senior Boat Builder & hypalon specialist

Team leader at Southern Pacific, Todd has been fabricating inflatable boats for over two decades. From tube design and pattern making, through to the build process and final quality control. He believes there’s always room for improvement and evolving to make products better for the customer. Outside of work Todd likes to spend his time getting outdoors, tramping, mountain biking and enjoying BBQ’s with his family.